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Creating A Child Information Binder

The “Child Information Binder” is a quick and easy reference tool for your family. It is a simple way to record your child’s strengths and needs, his likes, dislikes, and interests. Teachers or other professionals working with your child can use this information to support his on-going development.

You can print each page and insert them in a binder according to each section we’ve identified below. Complete each section and share it with your child’s teacher once he starts child care, or school.

Basic Information

Include basic information about your child like his name, date of birth and who to contact in case of an emergency.


Add information on any medical conditions experienced by your child. If your child takes certain medications, or uses adaptive equipment on a regular basis you can include guidelines on how to use them. Be sure to include any allergies your child may have.

Vision and Hearing

Complete this section if your child has a known vision loss or hearing difficulty. Include information on how accommodations can be made for your child.


Offer information that helps your child understand and be understood by others. If your child uses a communication binder with picture symbols, you can add a copy to this section.


Inform others about your child’s sensory likes and dislikes. For example, your child may have a strong dislike of certain textures or fabrics.


Describe and explain how to best deal with behaviours your child may demonstrate.

Daily Routines

Provide details on daily routines like using the washroom, mealtimes, dressing, and sleeping. If your child uses picture sequences as a guide during these routines they can be included.

Favourite Activities

Ask your child to help you complete this section. It’s a great way to let him know how proud you are of his accomplishments. This section also provides your child’s teacher or caregiver with valuable information about favourite toys and activities.

Service Providers

Record contact information for each professional who works with your child. There is space to describe what they do for your child and your family.

Sharing the Binder with Professionals

The binder will have the information you need for team meetings with your child’s school, care providers, or doctor. Keeping the information organized will make it easier for you to focus and fully participate in the meeting.

Download the Child Information Binder template

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