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Anger Management: Session 5

Conflict Resolution (Child To Adult)

  1. Welcome Song
  2. Visual Schedule and Rules (welcome song, puppet show, discussion, story, calming activities, song, goodbye song)
  3. Emotion Dice (for younger children) – talk about how people are more similar than different.
  4. “Say it Back” (for older children) – name a topic such as colour and have the first child say “I like ____” then the second child says “[child’s name] likes purple. I like green.” The third child says what the second child likes and what they like. I.e., every child names what the child beside them likes and adds what they like. Adult changes the topic randomly (e.g., sport, food, toy, etc.) At the end, discuss the fact that although everyone likes different things, they can share their feelings and get along.
  5. Puppet show – Bessie is busy in the block centre.
    Mrs. Panda flashes the classroom light and sings the tidy up song.

    Bessie continues to play.

    Mrs. Panda comes up to Bessie and says: Bessie, it’s time to tidy up.

    Bessie: No, I don’t want to!

    Mrs. Panda: It’s circle time now.

    Bessie screams and throws blocks.

    Mrs. Panda: Bessie, I see you are at a red light. I know you like playing with blocks.

    Bessie: Yeah, and I don’t want to tidy up.

    Mrs. Panda: Well, let’s see if we can get you to a yellow light. Let’s do the finger pull. We all enjoy playing but it’s everyone’s responsibility to follow the rules and tidy up so we can have circle. Remember our rules keep us safe and help us to know what to expect. What can you do to be helpful now that you’re at a green light.

    Bessie: I can tidy up and come to circle.

  6. Read “The Reason for Rules” book
  7. Seated Twist pose
  8. Problem-Solving Finger Play:
    “Talk about the problem” (point to your mouth)
    “Listen to understand” (point to your ears)
    “Think of ways to solve it” (point to your head)
    “Choose the best plan” (point to palm of your hand)
  9. “Stop, Slow Down, and Go” Activity – place large circles on a board to depict a traffic light. Tell children that the red is “we can stop before hurting someone”, the yellow is “we can slow down and become calm while we decide what to do”, and green is “we can do helpful things to solve the problem such as talk, listen, forgive, show respect.” Have a set of cards that correspond to each of the three lights. Each child takes a card and decides whether it belongs to the red, yellow, or green category.
  10. Read “The Anger ABCs” book
  11. Hurray Song

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