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Adults on the Autism Spectrum

People living with ASD and those who love and support them are widely diverse in every conceivable way. The resources on this site are meant to encourage, advise and inspire you, not to dictate how you should act or feel.


Where to begin?

Use our timeline to learn more about each step of the transition to adulthood. Or if you would prefer to read the whole article you can find it here Read more »

What is Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)?

Developmental Services Ontario manages the application process for all provincially-funded supports for adults with a developmental disability in Ontario. Developmental Services Ontario helps adults with developmental disabilities connect to services and supports in their communities. There are nine agencies across Ontario to serve you. DSO organizations are funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Excerpt from “Neurodevelopmental Disabilities” (Let’s Talk: An Open Dialogue on Vulnerability in Toronto Series)

Presenter: Layla Hall, Surrey Place Centre.

Autism Speaks Canada Connect

A national, multi-faceted virtual system revolutionizing the way people in the autism community are informed and engaged.

Ontario Passport Funding

Passport is a funding program that helps adults 18 years or older with a developmental disability to participate in their communities. It also helps caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability take a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Passport is funded by the Ontario Government and administered by local Passport Agencies.

Where to spend your Passport Funding

Community Participation and Activities

Activities for youth and adults that can be purchased using “Passport” funding or personal funds. Cost varies based on an individual’s support needs and program activities.

Fee for Service Directory
My Community Hub
Community Participation Supports

Caregiver Respite

Respite care provides a short planned break from the physical and emotional demands involved in caring for a family member who has a disability.

Person Directed Planning

Passport funding can be used to develop a person-directed plan that builds on the individual’s strengths and interests and identifies supports to help them achieve their goals.

Person Directed Planning

How to spend and track your Passport funding

Passport funding can be used to access community participation and activities of daily living. It can be used for caregivers to take a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Moreover it can be used to create personal life plans. This is called person-directed planning to reach ones goals. You can also use Passport funding for administration and tools to keep track of what your funding is spent on. Read more

Resources to help with legal and financial issues

From time to time, self-advocates and family supports run into obstacles, gray areas, and bigger problems in the course of navigating the world, especially when dealing with organizations or systems that are not trained in autism spectrum disorder(ASD). Families report struggling with issues such as filing taxes; setting up bank accounts; obtaining insurance; struggling to keep employment; or estate planning. Read more

Creative solutions and successful Experiences

Stories of how people have raised money and collaborated in developing creative support solutions.

Employment: Disability and disclosure

A job coach’s tips on disclosure in the workplace

What is disclosure?
Releasing personal information about yourself for a specific purpose. Today, more job seekers with disabilities are entering the workforce. For persons with disabilities, finding and keeping work is usually no different than for those without disabilities. However, there may be additional things to consider, such as disclosure—if, when and how to tell people about your disability. Read more

Autism in the Workplace

Tips for successful Advocacy

Richard talks about disclosure from a job coaches perspective

David discuss disability and disclosure in the workplace


Ask a question or discuss your strategies with other families

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Here’s what we heard from you Ontario!

This project undertook research to inform what content should be created for this page. It is a great resource that further identifies the lack of supports needed for adults on the Autism Spectrum as they transition from youth to adult. Read the report


This page was funded by MCCSS under the ‘Passport Initiative’, this three year project was a collaboration between Autism Ontario, Community Living Toronto, ConnectABILITY, Geneva Centre for Autism and Kerry’s Place Autism Services.