Person Directed Planning

What is Person Directed Planning?

With the shift from institutions to individuals, it is important to consider how to get people involved in planning for their futures and expressing what they want. A person-directed plan tells us about the focus person, future dreams, supports needed to be successful and action steps to move towards those dreams. Read more

Voice: Avoiding the Temptation to Silence, Promoting the Need to Listen

Voice is a critical part of supporting people with disabilities. We have to understand what a voice is. It is more than the physical sound that people make. It is more than language. It is communication in whatever form that takes. Read more

Person Directed Planning Guide: Creating A Good Life in Community

This guide on Person-Directed Planning has been written to assist families and people with developmental disabilities to plan for their future. Person-directed Planning puts the person with a disability at the heart of important decisions that affect their life. Guide

Understanding Person Directed Planning (DSTO Info Fair 2008 recording)

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Person Directed Planning (DSTO Info Fair 2010 recording)

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Planning for Complex Needs

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A Facilitators Guide to Person Directed Planning

This guide has been written to assist staff working in the developmental services sector and across other organizations in furthering their understanding of person directed planning and the role of the facilitator in the planning process. Guidance is provided on how to facilitate the development of a person directed plan and how to build capacity and commitment with a network of people supporting the person with the disability. Facilitators Guide to Person Directed Planning

Tools & Resources

Person Directed Planning Tools

An interactive presentation on Person Directed Planning tools and resources.


Person Directed Planning Resources (Toronto)

The following resources have been compiled for the purpose of facilitating research when exploring potential services, discovering new opportunities or browsing for ideas when planning. Some programs may have specific criteria or program requirements for admission.

Person Directed Planning Resources

Enabling Person Directed Planning for Augmentative & Alternative Communication Users

The Enabling Person-Directed Planning for AAC Users guidebook is designed to help persons who use augmentative and alternative communication take an active role in the person-directed planning process. The guidebook outlines a 5-phase process, based on established best-practices in AAC and transition planning for persons with disabilities, for developing partner communication strategies with planning recipients who use AAC. Read more

Toronto agencies offering free interpretation services

A list of community organizations in Toronto that offer interpretation services. Read more

Special Needs Planning Group

Special Needs Planning Group assists families in establishing plans which will provide their family members with a disability with a decent quality of life for their entire lifetime while at the same time, preserving their entitlement to government support programs.

Partners For Planning (P4P)

P4P empowers people with disabilities and their families with FREE resources to create meaningful lives and secure futures, firmly rooted in the community. We help families envision, plan and implement strategies to ensure that your loved one is safe, fulfilled, respected and financially secure—from childhood into adulthood and for the rest of his or her life.