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    Hi…I have a 5 year 11 month old son with moderate to severe Autism. I need help to utilize the ACSD funds. This is the first time and I am not sure how to go about it. Do I need to get bills and retain them? Thanks in advance


      Hi Sindhu. The ACSD funding is for a variety of things. it covers travel to doctors and hospitals
      special shoes and clothes
      parental relief
      wheelchair repairs
      assistive devices
      hearing aids
      hearing aid batteries
      prescription drugs
      dental care
      For the Parental Relief, you can use it to pay for someone to watch your child while you take your other children to various appointments, you can use it for various programs at Geneva or other programs. Extra clothing if needed. summer camps.
      Keep all your receipts, and put them in a shoe box and sort them once a yard into the various categories.
      Also you can apply to the Welcome Policy with Parks and Recreation. This will give each member of the family some funds for various programs. Go to
      Its a little overwhelming in the beginning, but you’ll get a handle on it.


        Hi Sindhu, Here is a response from an Early Childhood Services staff:

        “The first year of ACSD funding is based on family expense estimates but after that year the ministry could ask for receipts. Therefore, it is best if families collect receipts for any incurred expenses under the categories that ACSD funds. This will allow for more accurate allotment (and possible increase) of funds for future years.”


        Thanks to both Jennypink and Dmurray for your kind responses. Now I have an idea,really gave me relief to hear from you guys. But I have a few more clarifications which I am going to take the liberty to ask.

        1. For Parental Relief if I pay for someone to watch my child by cash, how do I get a receipt for the same?
        2. What can I buy under the category of Educational expenditures?
        3. What can I do with the Special learning and development equipment?

        Thanks in advance


          Hi Sindhu

          1. The receipt: you can go to the dollar store and pick up a receipt booklet. They have two copies, so give one to the worker and keep the one that remains in the book. That way you have one compact receipt booklet.
          2. Educational Expenditures: can be certain toys that provide an educational component. Books provide reading or learning alphabets.
          3. Special learning and development equipment can be blocks, special cutlery so that they can learn how to feed themselves, the clock that gives the visual countdown, I would also check with your regional office and see if certain apps can be purchased, check to see if they will help to cover the cost of an ipad – it can be used as a communication device, learning tool etc.


          Thank so much Jennypink. That was of great help.

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