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    The survey asked families how many hours per day they wanted for activities…
    Varied hours = 5.3%
    1 hour = 5.3%
    2 hours = 20%
    3 hours = 37.3%
    4 hours = 34.7%
    5 hours = 25.3%
    6 hours = 34.7%
    7 hours = 10.7%
    8 hours = 14.7%

    How does this compare with what you’ve heard from others?


    I’m going to share this survey information with Etobicoke/York Region Council.


    That would be great. Please invite them to visit the site and add their comments. Will you share this with the other region coordinators? Thanks!


    This will be of interest to the Regional Councils of Community Living Toronto.
    The Central Region Council holds its wonderful yearly fundraiser ‘Spring Fling’ which in turn allows them to support activities such as the Wednesday Dinner Club.


    I’ll finish up the feedback from the survey with themes that emerged from people’s additional comments…
    Activities focused on teens and young adults
    Focus on inclusive, not segregated programs
    Need for transportation options, like car pooling or neighbourhood activities
    Need access to information and activities

    As a result, created Community Participation Supports which can be accessed at the top under Youth, Adults and Seniors. I hope you will take time to have a look and let me know what you think…


    Hey Frances, thanks for taking on this survey. The results were very interesting and will align nicely with helping membership with moving forward on their goals and work plan. I too will share results with North York Council.

    As per Felicita’s notation, North York Council sponsors activities such as Sibshops, Dances, Jumpstart Literacy (note, there are currently 7 spaces open in this program – contact Matt at the North York office 416-225-7166 for more information) and cooking classes. Cooking classes will be starting up again the beginning of April. I am the contact for this class and can be reached through the North York office number.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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