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      Now you have finished the survey, please let us know if you have any further questions or ideas.


      Thanks Jason. For those who come directly into this conversation through Connected Families, click here to take the survey.

      I’m looking forward to hearing people’s feedback on types of activities their looking for and any questions after completing it.


      A quick update for everyone…we have 32 surveys completed online and are looking for more feedback on types of activities people are looking for. Please spread the word. The survey can be found on under Community News. let me know if you have any questions.


      I could send it to distribution lists we have for TPA’s as well as community partners. Is this something you’d like me to do?


      That would be great Karyn! It would be helpful if they could direct families to the online survey…


      Happy to send it out. Do you know how make the survey a link?


      If you go to and click on Community Activities Survey under Community News. At the bottom is an option to Send to a Friend. That will let you send the link to them. Or you can use the URL when you are on the opening of the survey page.


      The Community Activities Survey has been available online for about a month. I’m starting to review the results and will be sharing them soon.


      Wow, the summer seemed to pass so fast and the fall is moving quickly as well. The Community Activities Survey ended in June. I reviewed the results over the summer and shared the feedback with service providers in Toronto in September. There was great interest in the information received from families and I will be sharing it with you over the next number of posts. Please keep a look-out as I am also looking for your feedback on whether the results from the survey questions resonate for you.


      Over the span of less than two months, 75 families completed the Community Activities Survey. Responses came from across the city. When asked what types of activities people were looking for…
      79.5% chose recreational activities
      51.2% chose educational activities
      45.2% chose volunteer opportunities
      42.5% chose employment
      27.5% chose job development and readiness
      19.2% chose other activities which was mostly focused on life and social skills like cooking while socializing and building relationships

      Keep in mind that people were offered more than one choice. How do these results compare to your choices? Are you surprised by the results, please tell me why or why not?

      I will continue to post more results over the next 3-4 weeks and will continue to seek your feedback. Please let me know if you have any questions as well. Thanks!


      As well as exploring the types of activities that were of interest, the survey also asked how much staff support would be needed to participate in community activities…
      27.8% chose 1 staff supporting 5 people
      23.6% chose one-on-one support
      18.1% chose 1 staff supporting 3 people
      16.7% chose 1 staff supporting 2 people
      12.5% chose 1 staff supportig 4 people
      1.4% chose 2 staff supporting 1 person

      It’s possible that 1:5 and 1:1 supports are easier to decide upon and that it’s harder to judge between 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4 supports. The survey clearly did not reach many people who need an intense amount of support (2:1). There has been some exploration in fee for service discussions about charging different fees based on the amount of support that someone needs to engage in a community activity. Does this seem reasonable to you?


        It doesn’t surprise me that almost 80% are looking for recreational activities, it is kind of sad that parents don’t think their children are capable of doing so many things to contribute to society. All individuals are capable of looking after themselves and their home, some will need more support in this aspect, but the sense of pride and accomplishment is amazing to see.


        Thanks Bonnie! It is great to hear another perspective. Please encourage other parents to share their viewpoints!!


        Apologies, I lost a week there!

        The Community Activities Survey asked which time periods would best meet wants and needs. Several options were provided and respondents could choose more than one. Here were their choices:

        Part-time day activities – 42%
        Weekends – 42%
        Choice of activities to supplement their current schedules – 39.1%
        Consistent, full-time activities – 34.8%
        Evenings – 31.9%
        Afternoons – 30.4%
        Mornings – 24.6%

        Do these results reflect your experiences or what you’ve heard from others?


        The survey asked which days of the week people wanted activities. There wasn’t much difference with the exception of Sundays.
        Mondays – 69.6%
        Tuesdays – 65.2%
        Wednesdays – 65.2%
        Fridays – 63.8%
        Saturdays – 60.9%
        Thursdays – 58%
        Sundays – 31.9%

      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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