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    Hi, my son will be graduating from high school this June. He has a diagnosis of PDD and is non-verbal. I am trying to look for day programs for him coming July. I have tried a few day programs in our area and all of them have a wait list which is not very encouraging.. We live in Scarborough.. Has anyone have any suggestions?

    Jenna Martinuzzi

      Interesting I will like to find this out myself let’s keep this converation going lets chat.

      Jenna Martinuzzi

          I’m surprised that none of the community participation fee for service people aren’t jumping all over this. A customer if you will.
          Your son can apply to the cities Welcome Policy for any of the parks and rec programs. He can join any of them, both inclusive or segregated programs. The Welcome policy will give him 1 or 2 programs a year, depending on the price of the program.
          Most of us have our children in different programs during the week. Some also volunteer.
          In May the DSTO has a fair that hosts all the agencies and you can talk to them about their programs. Check the home page for the flyer with details on time and place.
          Also look under the community participation page on this site and they have private day programs. You might have more luck with them, as often they have spaces.
          Good luck


          My daughter is currently changing her location from Scarborough to North York. Are there any respite care houses in North York that can be used for short term stays maxing out at two weeks at a reasonable price MacMillan house in Scarborough has been good but planning three months in advance is hard and maybe even unreasonable?


          Re: looking for day programs, not sure where you are in Scarborough but we have been very happy with the AAIMS program run out of East Metro Youth Service’s Galloway house (Kingston Road and Galloway). They have a scalable program so wait lists may not be as much of an issue.

          Further to Jennypink’s comments, Parks and Rec offers, in the east and central regions, a day program called Active8 that is free and operates two days a week. It fills up fast, though. You should definitely reach out to the Adapted and Integrated Services people at Parks and Rec for Scarborough for other ideas.

          Also, it’s important to understand that the agencies you will see exhibiting at the DSTO fair are definitely not “all the agencies”, they’re just the agencies that receive Ministry funding. Many of them are starting to offer fee-for-service programs, but their funded programs are accessible only through DSO, not directly with the agency. Be sure you clarify which services they are offering, to avoid getting all excited about a program when no-one can tell you when, or if, it will ever have a spot open for your son. Non-funded agencies can have their literature on a community table at the DSTO fair, but as Jennypink notes, the Community Participation Supports page on this site lists many of the non-funded agencies/organizations and their offerings.

          Hope this helps.


          Re: Respite in North York, Community Living Toronto has an adult respite home near Dufferin and Wilson, Gilley. It operates the same as MacMillan in Scarborough. You can contact Gilley for a tour by calling 647-729-0645.

          You might also check for more options in NY. You can also learn more about respite options by attending our Family Information Session on Wednesday April 29th, 7 – 9, at 1122 Finch Avenue West, Unit 16.

          There will be a representative from presenting that evening presenting. We are also having a presentation about Passport, and Community Participation supports that evening. To register, call Wendy Dyke at 647-729-3627 or email


          in Scarborough if your son or daughter likes crafts-and wants to really increase their skills through fabric art or rug making, learning how to weave or make cool pieces of jewellery call and chat with Susana 647-980-4281

          I have been with Susana for three years 1-2 x a week. It works really nice with my other weekly programs as a volunteer

          hope this is helpful


          Hi, I am looking for a day program for my daughter. she is autistic and non-verbal, has been home for the pass three weeks. we live in Scarborough and would like to fine a day program close by. she already has funding through passport. She was in a day program but no longer goes to that program.


          Hi Shania,

          I am assuming that you have already checked out the Community Participation Supports listing in the adult section of the website…if you haven’t, please check it out as there are 87 programs listed in this section…many geared to individuals with ASD in the Scarborough area of Toronto. Some of the programs are day supports, not just programs that run for a few hours on specific days of the week.

          You say you have passport funding for your daughter, with this funding you do have the option of having a Passport Consultation with a Passport Facilitator from Community Living Toronto. Facilitators meet with families to discuss their options. CL Toronto facilitators do not perform the same function as those who work for Family Services Toronto that administrate Passport funding. The staff from CL Toronto meet with families to discuss what type of supports/services they want for their family member and provide information on what CL Toronto has to offer and my also tell you about other programs known to them that are run by other organizations. To set up a Passport Consultation with a CL Toronto Passport Facilitator call the Information and Membership line at 647-426-3220. The operator there will take your information and forward your request. Within a few business days you should receive a call from a Passport Facilitator to set up a meeting for a mutually agreed upon time and place.

          I hope this information helps.


            Hi Shania,

            Here is a link to the Fee For Service Program Directory:


            Thanks for the information. Will use this info right away.


            Hello all, I just signed in to this network, hoping to get some much needed assistance. I live in Alberta, are the programs, etc. discussed on the “ConnectAbilities” website only available to families that live in Ontario, or is it Canada-wide? Is there some kind of a federal program? I would greatly appreciate any advice I can get. Thank you in advance.


              Hi jjkpilson,
              Yes, the programs listed on are Ontario based. Services and supports for people with a developmental disability are provided by each province. Many of the articles and tips would be useful where ever you live. Here is the website detailing the services in Alberta

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