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Did you know that planning can help in all these areas?

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      A good plan allows your child and their supporters to get together and discuss where & how they’d like to live, what they want to do during the day and any other dreams or goals they have for themselves. Planners help the team develop an action plan to move things forward and we share what information we have and make sure you’ve thought about everything, including financial and legal planning.

      Partners in Planning is a group of planners from 8 agencies: Community Living Toronto, Corbrook, Family Services Toronto, The Geneva Centre, The Griffen Centre, JVS, Operation Springboard and Montage and we’re available to help you out, anyway we can. Just ask & we’ll see what we can do!

      Those of you out there who’ve had life plans facilitated for your children, would you be willing to share your experience of with others?


        It was quite an eye opener. Somethings I would never have thought about, getting ideas from other members of her network was sometimes surprising. Setting up realistic goals and out comes is extremely important. Also getting people to sign up for various goals at the meeting is important so that they become responsible for helping the individual acheive their goals.
        It’s a fairly lengthy process, usually takes 2 to 3 hours, so make the experience a welcoming comfortable one. Food and coffee is always good to help encourage the hospitality of the event.
        Facilitation after the plan is made, helps the family move the plan forward. Some families are not comfortable with parts of the plan and are not good connectors with the community. I would say that this is the biggest step that is missing in the process. Many great plans are sitting in drawers, because families don’t know where to begin.


          Thanks Bonnie & you are right. That is why it is so important to review plans on an ongoing basis and to see if famiies need more support.
          We look at them as ‘living documents’ that should be flexible enough to change as life does.

          With a new year approaching, it might be a good time to consider planning. While you’re getting together with family and friends, you might want to bring the idea up & see who might be interested in participating. You might be pleasantly surprised!

          Remember, we can plan on evenings & weekends, wherever the person would feel most comfortable, and now with technology, folks can join in via conference calls or by Skype.

          So Season’s Greetings to all & consider planning in 2013 as life is short so it’s important to get those dreams down so that they can be worked on & ultimately realized! :)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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