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      Yesterday I was at the DSTO Fair. There was a good turnout of people, but the best part was the session where the self advocates told the audience about their dreams for the future. It was so uplifting to hear the individuals talk about moving out, planning a wedding, looking for an apartment, making friends and the thrill of planning a trip. The pride in their voice as they spoke about what they wanted to do and sharing this dream with the audience was just amazing.
      But the magic happened between the individuals as they supported one another to deliver their dream. The support was given freely and with genuine affection to be able to help their friend. One young man has some difficulty ready, so the other individuals quietly helped him tell his story. It was done with such humanity and caring to ensure that the young man was able to tell his story and the facilitator was in the background. It was awe inspiring, we could all learn from these young people!
      Well done to the group, I hope your dreams come true. You deserve it.

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