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Funding sources for recreation for an adult with ASD

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      Hi there,

      I am new here and apologize if I am not posting this in the correct place.

      I’m an adult with ASD who does not receive any government funding as I am considered too high functioning. I struggle with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and several other mental health diagnoses. I feel isolated and have few friends and no hobbies outside the home. I do work part time but it is completely wearing on my mental health – I have to take extra medication before going to work and had a panic attack at work yesterday, necessitating more medication.

      I love animals and would love to be able to take horseback riding lessons as I did when I was in high school. I learned so much and the horses were so good for my confidence. I’m looking for funding sources that I could put toward riding lessons. I don’t need a specific therapeutic riding program (I want to work on riding skills not just therapy) as long as the instructor is willing to be flexible with my learning needs.

      Thank you.



      Hi Littlewolf!

      No need to apologize for anything!

      There is a terrific fund offered through Autism Ontario called the Building Brighter Futures Fund. It is money allotted to assist adults on the spectrum connect with their communities. It can be recreation-based – so horseback riding lessons are something you could apply funds to once you have applied.

      Here is the link – and while they are not accepting applications at this point, you can sign up for their enews and it will tell you when the application process opens.

      There is a specific ASD ConnectABILITY thread in this forum under the Fee for Service Category which you can post any questions in too!


      Also – you can connect directly with the funding process here:


        Thank you katb. I will try to look into that and see if I can corral my executive dysfunction enough to apply if/when applications begin being accepted.


        Hi Littlewoof

        Kerry’s Place has funding that may be appropriate.
        Are you able to call me at my office? So that I can better figure out where to direct your question?
        (905) 713-6808 ext 358

        Jacquie Ferguson


          Thanks Jacquie,

          I am not so great at calling (phone anxiety) but I will try to call tomorrow. I appreciate any ideas you may have.

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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