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Housing for adult female with ASD

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    Hi there,

    Does anyone know of resources that can help an adult female with ASD who is considering moving to her own place in the Toronto area?

    I was rejected from DSO funding (‘too high functioning’) but struggle to maintain even a part time job.

    My living situation with family is not great in some ways but I don’t know how to start finding a safe apartment. I need one that is well maintained, near TTC and has cheap groceries nearby. I find pets comforting and would want to adopt a pet so pet friendly apartment is needed.



      Hi Wolfie:
      I am assuming you did get ODSP, so you have that income? When you rent, you get a little more money per month. So it gives you $479. per month for rent. Do you object to having roommates? Do you know how to cook? maintain a home – cleaning, grocery shopping, phone the right person for help?
      What kind of support do you need? Sorry for so many questions. Where in the city do you want to live?


      Hi Jennypink,

      I do not get ODSP. I have too much in savings. I try to work but can only do so part time and the ongoing mental health therapy I need takes a chunk of what I make…

      I thought about roommates but realized it would not work well for me and would stress me more. I can share an outdoor area like a yard though.

      I struggle with phone calls if they need to be made. I can get breakfast and do simple lunches and dinners but have trouble staying organized with that for more than 2-3 days at a time (cooking exhausts me mentally — I couldn’t remember how to make grilled cheese the other day). Sometimes it helps to have prompts like people getting cookware out of cupboards for me. Task initiation and switching tasks are definite issues, though it takes getting to know me to be able to identify that that is a problem and how to help.

      I want to live in the Scarborough area. I would need help with doing make-ahead meals a few times a week and someone to contact to help with filling out forms (sometimes I read too much into the question and get confused and then it just stops my brain…) It would be useful if I had a support person who could make phone calls for me a few times a month when I am unable to use the phone.

      Being able to have help with transportation would help too (sometimes it takes a long time on transit and that makes me so mentally tired I don’t have the ability to do other things).

      I am still not sure I am ready to move out but would like to know about options.

      Thank you,


      I am wondering if someone among your family and friends could assist you with this? If you need a support worker perhaps speak to your doctor or other professional about a referral for a mental health worker that will be able to assist.


      I have been on the waiting list for a mental health support worker since October 2015. They initially said it would be about 9-12 months. Last I checked, I was told it would be at least June or July this year. I keep getting pushed back down the waiting list.

      I also barely have any friends at all, let alone any that live near me. Family does not want to acknowledge my disabilities. It has been 15 years since my ASD diagnosis and we are way past the point of denial. One parent will not read anything or talk to my counselor. At this point I am on my own and it is up to me. I can’t deal with their shame of me so do not want to involve them as it is worse for my mental health.


        Have you tried contacting Autism Ontario?
        Also Woodgreen Community Services have free walk in counselling clinics. Call 416 645 6000 for more info. Its a start and they might be able to get you hooked up with someone.


        I didn’t think Autism Ontario had anything to do with housing? I have been thinking of trying to contact Centre for Independent Living but not sure if they will work with people on the spectrum or are just for people with physical disabilities.

        I do have a counselor who is really good but she is not really up on resources.


        Have you tried Kerry’s Place for Autism?


        Hi there,

        I have had a bit of contact with Kerry’s Place but not regarding housing.

        I sent an email to Community Living Toronto about 2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard back.


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