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How does working or volunteering affect one’s ODSP payments?

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      I spoke with a gentleman with Aspergers yesterday who got cut off ODSP when his dad died & left him $ & had a heck of a time getting it reinstated. He is now, justifyably so, terrified to look for work or a volunteer job. Does anyone know of somewhere where it simply states how working &/or volunteering affects your ODSP payments?

      Also, this story is a good reminder to let all caregivers know the importance of leaving $ in a way that won’t impact a person’s ODSP, i.e. in a Henson Trust. Community Living Toronto, as well as other agencies, often offer information sessions regarding Future Planning & we also have a list of lawyers & financial planners that families have used which we can share. And don’t forget opening RDSP’s (Registered Disability Savings Plans) so that individuals can save for their retirement!

      Thanks, Petra


      Petra, you may have already tracked this down, but here are the guidelines for employment income:…..kearn.aspx
      To the beset of my knowledge, volunteer work does not at all affect your ODSP: they are concerned only with paid work.


        Thanks Laurie.


        I produced a Fringe Festival play in the summer of 2012 called “RARE”. I provided all of the ensemble (all on ODSP) with an honourarium and a letter to ODSP clarifying the honourarium. None of the ensemble encountered issues with ODSP. Subsequently, every time the cast of RARE work in theatre, they are paid by honourarium.

        Here’s the info on the ODSP site…..nteer.aspx

        “You and each family member are allowed to receive a total of up to $6,000 in a 12-month period, including money from:

        voluntary payments
        payments from trusts (including interest earned)
        payments from life insurance policies (including interest and dividends earned)
        windfalls, such as lottery winnings.”


          Thanks Madeleine.
          this is good to know.

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