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How’s the best plan for post second school

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    My son is a16 years old autism boy and he is working on his Ontario Secondary School Diploma with credits at Workplace level but almost colleges programs request Grade 11/12 English C or U which he does not qualify.

    According to school’s information that there are 2 programs be offered by Humber College & George Brown college for the students with developmental disability.

    Humber College provides the program call Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE) program but the student won’t qualify to enroll this program if they received their OSSD even at modified level and George Brown offers College Vocational Program but the student will need to have OSSD.

    I am looking for some comments from any parent who have the similar experience as me helping me to determine which program will be more benefit to my boy. Many thanks


    As a former special ed. teacher in a Toronto secondary school, my advice is to get your school special ed. person to contact the colleges’ student services departments and tell them the specifics of your son’s needs and request info on the programs they would recommend.


    Have you attended the open houses that GBC College Vocational Program and Humber CICE hold? This is a great way to meet the program staff and ask questions. I would also speak to the Disability Services Consultants at the colleges. There may be other college programs your son may be able to attend.
    Have you looked through the Post Secondary section of the Connectability website? The contact phone numbers for these colleges are listed. There may be other ideas on this site for you to look into.


    I sent out your question to my contacts and one responded with the following suggestion.
    ‘My suggestion is to try Independent Learning Centre, TVO,
    I hope you will find all the responses helpful.


    I do appreciate all of your response & make suggestion to me. I do make a reservation with GCB on Feb 03 to attend their information session for College Vocation Program to get more details about the program offer.

    I will contact the lead of special ed at my son’s school to discuss about it and find out more about TVO since this is the first which I heard about this Independent Learning Centre.

    Do thank you very much to everyone giving me your warm hand…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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