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looking for suggestions on free/low cost transportation options

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    A family I know has difficulty accessing the free day programs offered by Toronto Parks and Recreation because of transportation challenges. The mother drives but has physical challenges that make it problematic for her to consistently deliver and pick up her daughter from the program. I have heard that WheelTrans will provide service for people with developmental disabilities, but the application process seems a bit much for this family to handle. Regular TTC is not possible because the daughter would need someone with her, which would cost more money than the family can afford. Any other suggestions, for free or low-cost alternatives, would be welcome. Thanks in advance.


      Wheel trans doesn’t provide transportation for people with developmental disabilities, only physical disabilities.
      Transportation is very expensive. My only suggestion is to sign her up for a program and on the first day talk to the staff to see if they would hand out a note from her to see if anyone could help with the driving. Perhaps on the days she can drive she could return the favour.


      Toronto Ride provides transportation for seniors and people with disabilities,you can call them and will connect you with an office in your area, and it is a lot less expensive.


      Thanks so much, Sharon – Toronto Ride is a great resource and will be a great help for this family, particularly since it will allow them to take advantage of free Parks and Recreation day programs. And here I thought I knew everything!

      – Laurie


      Thanks! I’ll be contacting them for my 21 year old Brother with Down-syndrome


      If Toronto Ride is not an option, I would suggest the family apply for the TTC Support Worker Card. This allows the child/adult to ride with a support worker, at no charge to the support worker! For more information see:

      Jenna Martinuzzi

        Why dont you check out Antibes Community Center lpearce they have free facilites also they have a swimming pool and a weight room there is no costs for facilites. Antibes has Summer Day Camp’s and they do feild trips. Why dont you recommend to this family about taking a cap/taxi home and to Antibes it’s just a recommendation so this family and you dont need to worry about the TTC and how busy it can be for people getting off and getting into the TTC bus. It just all depends where this family lives Antibes is located in Toronto Ontario North York

      Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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