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Need help with applying for IRM

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    My son’s IBI provider (DSO) will be discharging him this September. I want to request for an IRM (Independent Review Mechanism) because I’m not happy with their decision. My son is almost 7 years old and still is non-verbal or pre-verbal I should say. It will be 2 years of IBI this September for my son. I just hope to get one more year of IBI for him.
    I need help. Can anyone suggest any parent support group or Parent that might be able to advise me on how to advocate for my son in this situation? I would appreciate any help. Thanks


    Hi Afreen, I would love to help!
    What area of the city do you reside? We have a vast number of parent groups all over the city and would love to connect you with the one closest to you.



    Hi Afreen,
    You may also consider calling your local Member of Provincial Parliament.



      Hi Afreen,
      Here is a link to the “Contact Niagara” website.
      It is an independent review process that looks into situations such as these.

      Good Luck,


        Here is some information from Christie-Ann, an Early Childhood Consultant who has gone through the process:

        I found the process a bit confusing and overwhelming, so I typed up a brief description of the steps involved in the application process.
        I hope that helps.
        In my experience, families have had most success when escalating these issues to a government level. To my knowledge, that has been the only successful instance where a change in decision has been made (unfortunately).

        Contact Niagara Independent Review Process:
        1.Parent submits in writing (writing, fax, email) to provider (in this case, Surrey Place Centre) that they would like an internal review of the decision.

        2.Surrey Place Centre will then send the registration form/pamphlet for the request. As well as obtain parental consent to exchange info with Contact Niagara.

        3.Parents submit documentation they want to be considered (e.g. changes taken place since decision, or things not submitted yet, such as letters from diagnostitions, from family, professionals, video, etc).
        Provider (Surrey Place) has 10 days to make a decision. If they decide they made the right one, then family must tell them they want an Independent Review. Surrey Place then sends all info to Contact Niagara.

        4.Contact Niagara takes all identifying info from the forms and submits them to a third party for review.



        You might try connecting with Toronto Family Network for support or to see if they have assisted any other families through this process. Contacts for Toronto Family Network are Janis Jaffe White or Reva Schafer 416-484-1536,


        Thank you all so much for the information.

        Sarah — I’m in North part of Etobicoke and would love to be connected with any parent groups around Etobicoke, North York.

        Eric — I looked up my local MPPs. Etobicoke North- Shafiq Qaadri, Etobicoke Centre-Donna Cansfield. Should I just call up and address my situation… I mean would my situation be important enough for them to consider? Sorry if I am asking dumb questions.

        Don Murray — Since last two weeks I have been doing some research as well and got the same information from Contact Niagara website. I was thinking that may be I should prepare a letter or an appeal to support my son’s case instead of only filling out the IRM request form. I wasn’t sure what exactly needed to be done but I would never have imagined that issues like this needs to be escalated to a government level. It is unfortunate.

        Karyn — I will send an email to Toronto Family Network tonight.

        I really appreciate all of your feedback. I felt lost and hopeless past few days. But after reading your posts I am feeling optimistic. Thank you!


          Hi Afreen

          Another place to check out is on the web at click on the right hand side where it says Administrative Justice Support Network. there is a contact section. they will help you as well.

          Sorry Eric, but in answer to you question about your MPP. The individual is voted in by the public to represent you at the legislative. Every question and concern is important and they should be able to give you some suggestions and help. Best to make an appointment.


          Hi Bonnie,

          I looked into the web site. In the Special Education section of Administrative Justice Support Network and it says –

          Examples of situations in which the tribunal is unlikely to help:
          parents want to force the board to give intensive behaviour intervention (IBI) for a student.
          parents are OK with a placement or an IEP, but disagree with how it is being carried out by a teacher or staff member

          Should I still send an email…



          Hi Afreen,
          I responded to your personal message. There is a lot of good advice for you in this thread.



          Hi Afreen,
          Bonnie is right about your MPP question. Thanks Bonnie!



          Hello Everyone, I thought I should give you some update …

          Eric – Sent an email to my local MPP and requested to meet with him as well. Looking forward to hearing from him next week.

          Bonnie – Sent an email to community living ontario’s Special Education appeal board. I really hope they’ll offer some help.

          Karyn – I sent an email to Toronto Family Network as well and they replied back saying that they might not be able to help in this matter.


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