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Paputts and Pals: Respite and Mentorship Services

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    my name is Kire Paputts. I’m a Toronto filmmaker who’s also done extensive work within the special needs community. I just finished a feature film called The Rainbow Kid which stars Dylan Harman and Krystal Nausbaum, two Toronto actors with Down syndrome. It recently had it’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Maybe some of you have heard about it.

    I’ve actually been working with the special needs community for the last 6 six years through DramaWay here in Toronto. I’ve fallen in love with the community and would like to stay involved as I pursue other filmmaking endeavours. To make this work I’ve decided to move more into part time respite/mentoring work. I’m focusing mainly on teens and adults who would like to work towards further independence and who are hoping to eventually transition into their own place by offering services and life skills that will help them achieve those goals.

    Here is some more info on my services.

    Paputts and Pals is a respite, support, and mentorship service for teens and adults living with special needs. Whether it’s causal conversation over coffee, or working on everyday life skills to promote and instill further independence, we tailor our services to fit each and every individual’s specific needs. I offer flexible schedules and services to meet a range of needs. My goal is to ensure every client gets the support, attention, and results they need.

    ≡ Learning public transit and becoming more comfortable with city traveling.
    ≡ Grocery shopping, cooking, and meal preparation.
    ≡ Organization, scheduling, budgeting, and maintaining appointments.
    ≡ Daily chores.
    ≡ Day to day problem solving.
    ≡ Offer coaching and guidance in employment, resume writing.
    ≡ Helping with assignments.
    ≡ Teach computer skills.
    ≡ Work on speech, verbal, reading, and writing skills.
    ≡ Lend an ear and offer advice.
    ≡ Recreational outings (movies, attractions, coffee, shopping, exploring neighbourhoods).
    ≡ Attend various special events.


    “Kire has volunteered and worked with DramaWay since 2009. Since beginning with our
    company, Kire showed his commitment and dedication to the special needs community through his many hours of volunteerism supporting both our DramaWorks and ExpressionWorks programs on a weekly basis. We are grateful for all his support. I have watched him support participants on a one-to-one basis and he is one of the most sincere and gracious individuals that I know. I would definitely suggest families use Paputts and Pals as a respite service.”
    – Danielle T. Strnad, Founder & Artistic Director of DramaWay

    “We’ve know Kire for the last 5 years through his film work with my son Dylan. We’ve watched his patient and intuitive way of bringing the best out of Dylan. Their relationship evolved from a good working one to a genuine friendship. Kire is responsible, caring, and imaginative – he and Dylan have fun together. We highly recommend him as a support worker.”
    – Biserka Livaja

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further info or for a free consultation.


    (647) 209-9514


      This sounds like a fabulous services. Do you have an area that you work in? East (scarborough)

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