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    Jenna Martinuzzi

      I just wanted to know if there are any Support Worker’s out their who is insterested in working with your young adult and teaching them new things that they will have to know someday in the future. You can help out a family a lot by stepping up make a difference and you build a friendship bond with your child. But the hardest thing ever is when they find a new oppunity/job and moving away this can be diffucalt with disabilties they just need someone to communicate with. Then families have to search for someone new.


        Hi Jenna

        Unfortunately support workers will come and go as their live goes in a different direction. A support worker is not your friend, but some one who is paid to help support you in your journey. This journey includes building real relationships with people who are not paid to be with you. and sometimes friends come and go, change and sometime come back when their life is less hectic.
        A worker should not call themselves your friend, but your support worker. They are there for a specific reason. This doesn’t mean they are bad people or don’t like you, it just means they were hired for a job and either the job is completed or an opportunity has come up in their life that is helping them toward their goal.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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