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Where to Start?

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    That’s the million dollar question isn’t it? If you haven’t already connected to LIGHTS, it’s one option for people looking to meet other families who are interested in creating a living arrangement outside the family home. Recently I’ve started organizing networking evenings where some families have come out and started to talk about their hopes and dreams for their kids. They have been well recieved and I anticipate that they’ll continue to grow in popularity.

    At the next evening (date to be set in the spring) I’d like to get some ideas of what families would like to talk about specifically on this topic – residential alternatives.

    Jenna Martinuzzi

      hello laura why hasent anyone commited on Where To Start?


        Hi Jenna

        Have you thought of what it is you want in a home? Do you want to live in a house, an apartment or townhouse? Do you want to live by yourself or with roommates? Where in the city do you want to live? Do you need support to live on your own? When do you want to move out?
        Once you’ve thought of these questions – write your answers on a piece of paper so that you remember what your plan is.
        If you want to live by yourself – its fairly easy, because you don’t need to network with others. ASk your mom to take you to see a couple of places that you would like to live in. ASk the landlord what it is you need to have ready to rent a place. Once you have this information you can ask someone to help you with a budget to see if you can afford the places you are looking at?
        If you want to live with roommates – Do you have any friends you would like to live with? Then ask you parents if its ok to invite them over with their parents to talk to them about moving into their own home. This will get the conversation going.

        Jenna Martinuzzi

          Hello Jenny Yes I have thought what it is like to live at home I live with my Stepfather My Mom and my dog Pal. I rather live with roommates I dont really like being alone. I only two friends a guy and a girl i have spoked to my mother about this and told me that she is not comftitible living with my guy friend. My mom would want me to have a female roommate. Yesterday with support with my mom on the phone I wanted to invite a friend on September 20 for a sleepover and it seems like she isnt ready moving out with me. My Mom would like us to practice what it is like to live with each other. She is really nervious because I have a small dog in my family home. I am going to the Lights Networking Metting with Laura and meeting with 10 families on September 15 in a email directly. I have a dad who lives in Barrie

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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