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Tying Shoe Laces Sequence

Many children need support when learning new skills. Breaking a skill down into smaller steps can help a child learn one step at a time. The number of steps a skill or task is broken into depends on the needs of your child.

You may want to provide a child with a visual sequence. This is basically a series of pictures showing the steps that are necessary to complete a task. You can use real photos, line drawings, or picture symbols to create your own visuals. When using a visual sequence, post it at the child’s eye level, point to the picture, and read the step out loud before completing the action.

You can also use the pictures to create a sequencing game of your own. Simply print the pictures, cut them out, and have your child practise putting the steps in order. You can also create a matching game by making two copies of the sequence. Glue one copy to a piece of construction paper in the correct order and have your child use the other set to match the cards.

Here’s an example of a ‘tying shoe laces’ sequence:

  1. Pinch the laces.
  2. Pull the laces.
  3. Hang the ends of the laces from the corresponding sides of the shoe.
  4. Pick up the laces in the corresponding hands.
  5. Lift the laces above the shoe.
  6. Cross the right lace over the left one to form a triangle.
  7. Bring the left lace toward you.
  8. Pull the left lace through the triangle.
  9. Pull the laces away from one another.
  10. Bend the left lace to form a loop.
  11. Pinch the loop with the left hand.
  12. Bring the right lace over the fingers and around the loop.
  13. Push the right lace through the hole.
  14. Pull the loops away from one another.

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