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Transition Planning Training – 2017


A three part series for direct support professional’s to help meet the complex needs related to transition planning

This training will provide participants with knowledge and skills to better prepare individuals with a developmental disability and those who support them to move through these transitions with confidence and with the resources they need. The series will also include information on supporting a system of seamless planning and implementation, as well as unique issues for different transitions (e.g., youth to adult, adult to aging, environment changes).

Day 1: Youth Transitions


East Metro Youth Services: Youth Mental Health
Identifying People with DD, Dementia and Brain Injury Experiencing Homelessness
Dignity of Risk


Day 2: Adult Transitions


Developmental Disabilities Awareness in the Criminal System Project
Planning for Complex Situations
Relationship Work Group


Day 3: Aging Transitions


Long-Term Care: reframing the Conversation
Aging and Primary Care
Palliative Care Across the Lifespan


Approaching our work through the Lens of Equity and Diversity

This year we started each day off with a short 1/2 hour activity focused on equity and diversity.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

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