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Communication Posters

This set of thirteen posters is designed to support the use of general communication strategies at home and in the classroom. All children can benefit from the strategies. It is important to place each poster where it will be useful to everyone who plays/speaks with your child.

The following are some suggested areas to display specific posters in your home:

  • Near floor toys (such as blocks):
    Get on Child’s Level”, “Take Turns”, and “Model
  • Near table activities (such as puzzles, beads, shape sorters):
    Imitate”, “Describe”, “Follow”, and “Listen and Respond
  • On the kitchen table/lunch table:
    Expand” and “Offer Choices
  • Near bookshelf /book centre:
    Use Descriptive Statements
  • In the washroom and/or a closet:
    Simplify” and “Wait

Classroom Specific

  • Near circle area:
    Use visuals

The posters are intended to remind adults of ways to promote children’s communication through everyday activities. These reminders help people to use the same strategies until the strategies become familiar. Don’t let the posters overwhelm you. Start by posting the ones that you feel are most important to your child or are part of your child’s individual program plan. Add other posters when you think you are ready to try a few more. Move the posters to another area if you feel that they will be more helpful somewhere else.

Download the Communication Posters.

Get on a Child's level - poster

Imitate - poster

Take Turns - poster

Describe - poster

Listen and Respond - poster

Expand - poster

Use Descriptive Statements - poster

Model - poster

Follow - poster

Simplify - poster

Wait - poster

Use Visuals - poster

Offer Choices - poster

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