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Anger Management: Session 6

Conflict Resolution (Between Peers)

  1. Welcome Song
  2. Visual Schedule and Rules (welcome song, puppet show, discussion, story, calming activities, song, goodbye song)
  3. Review “Stop, Slow Down” visual
  4. Puppet Show – Bessie is holding a toy car.
    Bumble walks up to Bessie and says: Hey, that’s my car, I had it first! He tries to take the car from Bessie. [RED light is shown]

    Bessie: No, it’s mine! (and turns away from Bumble holding the car)

    Bumble hits Bessie on her back and Bessie screams.

    Mrs. Panda approaches the children and says: I can see you both are angry. Take a deep breath. [YELLOW light is shown] You’ll each get a chance to tell me what happened. Bumble, here’s the talking stick.

    Bumble: She had my car so I tried to get it back.

    Mrs. Panda: Were you playing with it?

    Bumble: Yes, I just came back from getting some blocks to build my house.

    Mrs. Panda: So, you had the car but you put it down to get the blocks?

    Bumble: Yes.

    Mrs. Panda: Bumble, please pass the talking stick to Bessie. (He passes it)

    Bessie: But I had the car!

    Mrs. Panda: So, you didn’t know that Bumble was using it?

    Bessie: No, I just got it.

    Mrs. Panda: So is there any way that you two can play with the car and the blocks together? [GREEN light is shown]

    Bessie and Bumble: I don’t know.

    Mrs. Panda: What about Bessie using the car while Bumble builds a house? Then when the house is done, Bessie you can drive over to the house and build something else while you use the car.

    Bessie and Bumble: Okay, let’s go.

  5. Problem-Solving Game: on each child’s turn, s/he takes a card which is read to the entire group and the group brainstorms to solve the problem on the card. There are three categories of problems: peer to peer, child to teacher, child to parent.
  6. Read Ask for Help and Work it Out book
  7. Musical Hula Hoops: arrange a few hula hoops on the floor. Tell the children that they can dance around the outside of the area and when the music stops, they need to put one foot inside a hula hoop. The object of the game is to get everyone inside the hoops. One hoop is removed after each round. No one is ever out of the game. Children may help their friends get into the hoops as there becomes less space for everyone to fit. Depending on the size of the group, go down to one or two hoops so that everyone still has a spot. Comment at the end about how well they worked together.
  8. Read “The Incredibles Book About Winning and Losing”
  9. Hurray Song

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