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Parent’s Education Handbook

…he classroom for less than 50% of the school day, from a qualified special education teacher. A special education class with partial integration. The student is placed in a special education class for at least 50% of the day, but is integrated with the regular class for at least one instructional period daily. A special education class full time. The student is placed in a special education class for the entire school day. Understanding “Special E…
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Educational Opportunities after High School (Toronto)

…ary – 416-395-0810 College Programs | Adult Literacy Programs | Continuing Education Continuing Education Centennial College There are a great variety of programs and courses with flexible learning. Whether you are looking for a career change, wanting to update your skills to work towards a certificate or diploma, or seeking to fill your leisure time, Continuing Education at Centennial has a course/program that will interest you. Weekend courses a…
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Transition Planning Milestones for Youth with Autism

…in your community and find employment in your chosen field. Post-Secondary Education Supports Autism Ontario’s free Education Portal is a one-stop shop for helpful autism-related resources. Once you register, you will have access to all past webinars, helpful articles, and information about Autism Spectrum Disorder to assist you on your journey from diagnosis through to adulthood. There is often post-secondary financi…
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Transition Planning Milestones for Youth with Developmental Disabilities

…ary life skills for community living, workplace experiences Post-secondary education There are a number of options to continue your formal education after high school. These include full-time programs, part-time programs and adult continuing education courses often provided by your local school boards and colleges. University/College University Universities provide degree programs that are theoretical in nature and these programs vary for each uni…
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Off to School

…type of disability) and the educational placement of a student within the education system in Ontario. Individual Education Plan (IEP) Workshop Play video In this workshop we will explore the Individual Education Plan, which is a written plan of learning goals and expectations for any student in the education system in Ontario who requires modifications or accommodations to the regular school program. A Communication Journal for Home and Classroo…
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So your Child will be going to High School Next Year

…ndary’, then ‘Publications’, then ‘Forms & Applications’ & finally ‘Annual Education Plan, grades 7 to 12’. School principles are required to ensure that a transition plan is prepared, as part of the Individual Education Plan, for each exceptional student who is 14 years of age or older. Again, you can get a copy of the Ministry’s Transition Planning Guide from the Ministry of Education’s website Another issue for your considerat…
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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Supporting Children and Youth – Module 8

…on centres typically develop Individual Program Plans (IPPs) or Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to describe a child’s individualized education, or centre-based program. Increasingly, as intervention teams are developed, there is a focus on the development of Individual Family Service Plans (IFSPs). As part of the IFSP development, the family, centre staff and other team members meet to create a document that focuses on the family and the child’s…
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Respecting Rights with Arch Disability Law Centre

…lds the capacity of persons labeled with intellectual disabilities through education and support for self-advocacy. Respecting Rights hosts monthly and quarterly self-advocates meetings, and collaborates with Developmental Service agencies to offer legal rights education workshops to the people they support. Webinar participants will have an opportunity to learn about the work that Respecting Rights does, why this work is important, and how the pe…
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