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      Hi Sarah
      Can’t wait. We just barely skimmed the surface of What is a meaningful day?

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        Have your signed up yet? Don’t miss out on a great day of learning, networking and the all elusive day activities. This is the only place where you will find fee for service programs.
        You can register on line.

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          Welcome Back to Canada. ConnectABILITY has a listing of fee for service programs during the day. Its under the adult section and you can use the search option to find the listing. ( There is also the option of employment training as well. Volunteering is also a great way to occupy his day while contributing to an organization and/or work place.

          Adnan, as an adult, is also able to apply for the Welcome Policy for the parks and recreation programs. He can attend any of the programs that are available across the city. You can find out the information at under living in Toronto – parks programs.

          If you are interested in Adnan living in his own home at some point you can check out Scarborough Residential Alternatives at This is a parent run group that investigate different alternatives for our children.

          Hopefully the DSO told you about ODSP – Ontario Disability Support program that will help with some basic living expenses, also the Passport program which is funding for day activities and respite. I would also suggest that you connect with a parent group as they can be extremely helpful. I don’t know where you are in the city but again you can check the parent groups on ConnectABILITY. They have a listing and a brief explanation of the group. Again you can do a search under parent groups (

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            Hi Alanna

            this is why it is so important for parents and the individual to plan for the future, rather than put it in the hands of the government. Families need to educate themselves and let their children take risks and try different things.
            Connected Families is having a forum on October 25th to get families together to network and hear options. You should check it out on this site. Its a really cheap forum – for $25.00 you have a session with Brandon Pooran, hear from some self advocates and network with other families on issues that are important to you.


              This is a great forum and this year gives parents the opportunity to network around various issues that families of young adults face. Parents are the true champions of their children and need a forum like this to come together, brainstorm ideas, connect and collaborate. It is the best $25. you will spend. Be prepared to be rejuvenated and come with a notebook and pen to go home with email addresses to continue the conversations.


                Hi Rankin

                this is a great site for discussions. You get value from other parents and agency personnel alike. I run a group here in Toronto called Scarborough Residential Alternatives. We have helped several families connect and move their children into their own home. You can check out the website for some ideas at
                Are you connected with any other families or agencies that could help to facilitate a group to network around housing?

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                  Hi Sindhu
                  One that we starting using with Jenny’s roommate is tap to talk. We have just started with this and are using the free pictures to get us started. We started with the yes and no part. The individual pushes the button for the answer/picture they want and the app speaks the work. You can download at I wouldn’t buy anything at this time until you’ve had a chance to try it out for a while.

                  Anyone else have any good apps for an Ipad?

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                    At this stage I would get the preschool books at the dollar store to draw large circles, squares, lines etc. If he can only sit for a couple of minutes have him draw one line, and gradually add more as he is able to sit longer. Sit beside him at the table, push his chair in so that he can/t easily climb out. Let him pick the colour of marker that he likes. Make sure to reward him after he has made his mark. Combine this with praise for sitting and writing. Have him put his line one the fridge so that everyone can see what a good job he did.

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                      When my daughter was young, her dad had group insurance with his company and they paid some of the fee for speech therapy. We went once a month for 1/2 and hour and did our homework in between. If you don’t have any insurance there is a program Called Hanen Program More than words. Go to for more information.
                      Until he does learn to talk, he needs a method to communicate. You can use pictures, packaging of food products for ask for something to eat, or pictures from the grocery flyers. If you have a tablet or smart phone there are also apps for communication. Start with a very simple one to get him started.

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                        Most of the families I have worked with it takes about a year. There is no way to speed up the waitlist.
                        I know at your stage with your son a year seems like an eternity, but it goes by quickly. At the stage my daughter is at (she is an adult) I would be ecstatic if I could get service within a year.
                        The question is do you want to spend your child’s life waiting for various services or do you want to get on with life? You son is young and children at this age are very welcoming and want to play with everyone. Put him in regular parks and rec programs with children in his age group. Ask for a support worker with parks and rec – they don’t charge for this service only the program fee. He will learn how to play with other children, how to give and take, how to self soothe, learn new skills.

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                          Hi Jenna

                          Have you thought of what it is you want in a home? Do you want to live in a house, an apartment or townhouse? Do you want to live by yourself or with roommates? Where in the city do you want to live? Do you need support to live on your own? When do you want to move out?
                          Once you’ve thought of these questions – write your answers on a piece of paper so that you remember what your plan is.
                          If you want to live by yourself – its fairly easy, because you don’t need to network with others. ASk your mom to take you to see a couple of places that you would like to live in. ASk the landlord what it is you need to have ready to rent a place. Once you have this information you can ask someone to help you with a budget to see if you can afford the places you are looking at?
                          If you want to live with roommates – Do you have any friends you would like to live with? Then ask you parents if its ok to invite them over with their parents to talk to them about moving into their own home. This will get the conversation going.


                            You tell them Jenna!
                            So far I have only heard from the PC Party and here is what they said:
                            Here is part of what our Million Jobs Plan says regarding individuals with disabilities on page 11:

                            “Move quickly to connect employers to people with disabilities to develop more opportunities and to reduce barriers that exist in the workplace. Expand post-secondary education for people with disabilities, so they can develop job-ready skills. When it comes to people with disabilities, we have a moral and an economic responsibility to focus on their abilities and not just on what holds them back”

                            Good start!

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                              this is fabulous. It is Jenny’s favourite movie. she knows every song and sings at the top of her lungs. Thanks Sarah. We will be sure to get tickets. I will apologize upfront to any one who goes the day Jenny does. She will be rocking.s

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                                A n n o u n c i n g a
                                for persons with Developmental Disabilities
                                Striving for Success
                                * Pre-employment Classroom Training
                                * On-the-job training,placement and job trials
                                (4 weeks)
                                General Labour Program
                                Janitorial/Custodial Program
                                Retail/Customer Service Program
                                (May 20 – August 29, 2014)
                                (September 2-December, 2014)
                                (December 15, 2014 – March 27, 2014)
                                Program Location
                                Program Start Dates
                                Program Content
                                Phone 416-431-9000 (East) 416-245-5565 (West)
                                Hi Just got this in. It’s not that far from you

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                                  You daughter is eligible for the Welcome Policy through Parks and recreation. This enables her to get some programs for free.
                                  Not knowing your daughter its hard to suggest things.
                                  Have you applied for Ontario Disability Support Program? Have you registered with the DSO? Have you applied for Passport funding?
                                  Today the ministry has made the most exciting of announcements
                                  Eliminating Waitlists for Developmental Services
                                  Government Improving Access For 21,000 People With Developmental Disabilities
                                  April 11, 2014 9:35 a.m.

                                  Ontario plans to eliminate waitlists for direct funding for 21,000 people with developmental disabilities.
                                  As part of the government’s vision for the transformation of developmental services, the province would eliminate the current waitlist for the Special Services at Home program for children in two years and the Passport program for adults in four years.
                                  These programs provide direct funding for people with developmental disabilities, allowing them and their families to customize their services and supports to best meet their individual needs.
                                  In addition to eliminating waitlists for direct support, this investment would:
                                  • Provide support for urgent residential needs for approximately 1,400 people
                                  • Support young adults as they navigate key life transitions such as going to school or getting a job
                                  • Promote community living partnerships through expanded Host Family and Supported Independent Living programs
                                  • Provide more funding for agencies and front-line workers in the community services sector
                                  • Promote innovation and cost-efficiency so that costs savings can be re-invested into improving services
                                  Eliminating waitlists for people with developmental disabilities is part of the government’s economic plan that is creating jobs for today and tomorrow by focusing on Ontario’s greatest strengths – its people and strategic partnerships.

                                  ” Our vision for developmental services in Ontario sees people with developmental disabilities participating as fully as possible in their communities. Direct funding is an important part of the support that people and families need to achieve the goal of inclusion.”
                                  – Ted McMeekin
                                  Minister of Community and Social Services
                                  ” Supporting all Ontarians to live independently and reach their full potential is a cornerstone of our commitment to promoting a fair and prosperous society. These proposed investments are crucial to making Ontario a better place to live.”
                                  – Charles Sousa
                                  Minister of Finance

                                  QUICK FACTS
                                  • The government is proposing an $810 million investment over the next three years, the largest ever funding increase to the developmental services system in Ontario.
                                  • There are an estimated 62,000 adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario; more than 15,000 are supported through the Passport direct funding program.
                                  • An estimated 28,000 children with developmental disabilities live in Ontario; the Special Services at Home program currently serves more than 12,500.
                                  • Ontario currently invests more than $1.7 billion in developmental services, a 63 per cent increase since 2003. The proposed additional funding would increase that to more than $2 billion by 2016-17.
                                  • Approximately 18,000 people with a developmental disability receive residential supports in the community.

                                  LEARN MORE
                                  • Proposed new investments in developmental services.

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