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Using the Anti-Bullying Program Kit

About the Program:

This kit is designed to provide classroom teachers with all the activities and material ideas required to implement the sessions in the classroom.

There are six sessions, usually implemented on a weekly basis with the entire group of children. The sessions are structured so that they provide information on a specific topic through a variety of methods.

Each session begins with a song that welcomes each child by name to the group. This is followed by a visual schedule of the activities that will occur and a set of rules.

Puppet scenarios are carried out demonstrating the concept or skill that is being discussed for that week. The scenarios promote discussion regarding the topic and there are visuals to support each main point.

A story describing the topic and desired responses is included. This is followed by a few cooperative games each week. The circle closes with a song that acknowledges each child by name.

Informing Parents:

As a school-age teacher, you may wish to share with the parents the fact that you are implementing an anti-bullying program in your classroom. Please see sample letter to parents.

As a program consultant implementing this program in partnership with a classroom teacher, you will require parental consent. Please see sample consent form.

Session Topics:

Materials Required:

Week One:

  • Two puppets
  • Paper and crayon

Week Two:

  • Two puppets
  • Toy car
  • Hula hoops and music

Week Three:

  • Two puppets
  • Toy

Week Four:

  • Two puppets
  • Paper and crayon
  • Bean bag

Week Five:

  • Two puppets
  • Small book
  • Large spoon, small ball
  • Newspaper

Week Six:

  • Three puppets
  • Newspaper

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