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FamilyLink Cafe – LIVE 7pm November 18th

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    Join Us Tonight for a LIVE CHAT !
    Topics include Education, How to connect with families and the sector as a whole, Ask questions or share information!


    Welcome! We are here tonight to talk about all things important to you!
    At any point just post your question, topic or information and we are here to help and support in the best way we can.


    Joining us tonight are our experts Nancy Hendy, program manager of Early Childhood Education for Community Living Toronto and Layla Ibrahim, Family Support Coordinator for Community Living Toronto North York Region


    At the Connected Families forum, we had a great discussion around education, both pre and post secondary.
    Just wondering how you are finding the education system meeting the needs of your son or daughter?


    Hello and good evening. It appears as if there is no one signed on to tonights chat.


    I am here!


    ConnectABILITY has great resources for families and educators on the Off to School page in the Kids section. You will find information on IPRCs, IEPs and advocating for your child’s rights within the school system. There’s also some good tips on how to get your child ready to start school and, for older children, how to make the transition to life after school. Make sure to check it out!


    Yesterday I was the member of a RBC panel on disabilities in the corporate world of banking and how RBC should be more sensitive to the needs of both their customers and their staff with mental illness, Autism, etc.


    The Humber and George Brown course sound for my son, but the wait list are so long! Any other suggestions?


    What happened k7mcmaho?


    Was it a good panel?


    The audience was senior managers in RBC and the other panelists were RBC executives. People with lived experience, family members with mental illness. My role was to bring in the community perspective.


    Sounds like he’s getting ready to transition out of highschool. Is that the case?


    It seemed strange that in a corporate culture where performance and task oriented work is expected or your out of a job that these senior managers wanted to have the tools to engage staff who suffer with depression etc.


      What were the outcomesk7mcmaho

    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 55 total)
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