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FamilyLink Cafe – LIVE 7pm November 18th

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    Yes, or until I leave work or retire


    That is good for my wife and I to know


      This has been a great opportunity to share with other families. Too bad more families didn’t take advantage of it.


      Jennypink glad to hear it. This is the first one, so the next will be even better.


        Thanks for all the info regarding the dentist I will email a transcript to the person who asked the question.


        It really has Jennypink! But there will be more! I encourage all of you to join FamilyLink! Please feel free to call me -at 647-729-1633 or email me at


        Thank you for this conversation. …great to chat with families!


        FamilyLink has some exciting stuff planned for 2015! I hope you can all be a part of it!


        Some day we should have a discussion about connecting families with adult children who graduate and are going to be at home. I think that if families were to share a support worker that we could reduce the cost of providing activities and a meaningful day while we all have to continue working until we drop dead


        That’s a great idea k7mcmaho! That is why it is so great to talk to other families! I hope you can join in on some of our FamilyLink sessions!

      Viewing 10 posts - 46 through 55 (of 55 total)
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