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    We just had our son’s pediatrician make the referral


    there is however an excellent dentist who specializes in working with our kids


    What is the program at Galloway k7mcmaho? I will look into parks and rec too Jenny pink. ..thank you!


      The teacher just calls 3 1 1.


      What is the name of your dentist, if you don’t mind sharing k7mcmaho?


      East Metro Youth Services


      Theres a government program for children 17 and younger who need urgent dental care and can’t afford…CINOT 416-392-0946,


      Dr. Howard Stein 4040 Finch Ave East 416-298-1593


      Thanks for sharing!


      Ross do you know about the Youth to Work program at Community Living Toronto?


      For those of you who work I had success in getting my insurance provider at work continue coverage for our son after he turned 18. Although he is on ODSP, their dental coverage is for very very basic work.


        my plan at work covers Jenny as well. I just needed a form signed by the doctor.


        How did you do that k7mcmaho? I know they are very strict!


        I our case we just had to provide the documents showing that our son was PDD-NOS, Autism, Disability Tax credit etc. and they extended coverage to him as a dependant


        That’s great k7mcmaho! Did they extend the coverage indefinitely?

      Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 55 total)
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