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    Our experience with transition out of highschool at Maplewood is pretty negative. We have had to find and create opportunities for our son last year and this year.


    Sounds very interesting! My son loves to go to the bank. ….they are usually very friendly. …we have a great bank


      We have a directory on Educational Opportunities after high school


      The outcomes appear positive. They were very interested in the CPI training I suggested for all their staff. Having the language and tools to engage with someone who is acting out so that they don’t escalate the situation or have to call the police is positive.


      What opportunities were you able to come up with k7mcmaho?


        You should check out They are a community based program, keeping it to small groups and do volunteer work in the area. They also have evening and weekend things to do.


        Money Matters page of ConnectABILITY has some great resources.


        Educational opportunities after highschool are great for those that can pursue higher education with supports. Unfortunately in our son’s case he just wishes that the TDSB would allow him to remain at highschool until he was 25


        I am looking for opportunities but have a small buget. …not much funding for my son. What did you do k7mcmaho?


        Thanks for sharing about Imagine Jennypink!


        As for all of us at the moment we plan on a patchwork of programs and supports. Our son will go the the adult day program at Galloway just north of his school 2 days a week, we will hire someone to work with him out of our home 2 days a week and we will cover the last weekday and weekends for now


          Hi Ross
          does your son have the Welcome policy with Parks and Rec? He can get some activities for free. Also check out the various community centres, some of them have free programs as well


            I am posting this for someone who is unable to… “My daughter is diagnosed with ASD. Lately she seems to be having trouble with her teeth. I wanted to take her to sick kids to get it checked out. I am told I would need a referral. Are Teachers able to refer students for that sort of things.”


            Although high school had issues… least we knew where he was everyday. I would love for my son to get some work experience. …but would need support.


              The family doctor can refer, or if there isn’t a family doctor the teacher can contact public health and they can come to the school and see the child and get things set up.

            Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 55 total)
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