Local Community News

This workbook focuses on the important role that siblings have in advocating for a more inclusive Canada. It is also a reflection tool to help guide you in thinking about your experiences as a sibling and in sharing those experiences with your family members.  Read more »

Please read these touching and powerful words from, Flora Nichols (a staff member at Community Living Toronto) on the La Soufriere Volcano Response in St.Vincent. Scroll down to “How you can help” for more info. The Caribbean Island of St. … Read more »

Thanks to the Les & Kae Martin Charitable Foundation, Geneva Centre for Autism has created a new bursary program, named and in honour of the Foundation, to provide financial assistance for adults to access our services. GCA will be offering funded day, evening, and weekend respite for high needs adults demonstrating financial need. Read more »

Through The 5-Day Unlonely Challenges, we hope to build a strong network (online and in-person throughout the city) of young adults with exceptionalities, parents, and community leaders and volunteers to ensure that no one in our community feels lonely. Read more »