Adult Day Program

1 Greenleaf Court, Belleville, ON, Canada
400 College Street East Belleville Ontario K8N 5T1 CA

Recreational, Educational and Vocational Services

Day, Evening and Weekend Respite

Quinte Vocational Support Services is ready to help you and your family!

Our services are for people over the age of 18.

Services Offered:

  • Day/Evening and Weekend Supports
  • Providing direct support and staffing
  • Provide assistance with developing and coordinating a plan for achieving your goal
  • Prepare for a job
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Continue your education after high school
  • Life Skills Training and Social Programs
  • Recreation and Leisure Activities (In and out of building)
  • Summer Program.
  • Vacations and Excursions
  • Utilize local resources (bus, library, etc.)

Activities and Supports:

  • Can be delivered individually, in a group setting or a combination of both.
  • Are flexible to meet your needs- day, evening and weekend supports.
  • Are safe and secure-High quality sup-ports and safety of adults are of para-mount importance.


Office Hours – Monday-Friday – 8:00am – 3:00pm
Program Hours – We offer after hours and weekend supports.


Pricing is based on group participation:

    Day Respite – 8:30am to 3:30pm   $52.00 per day
    ½ Day Respite – 8:30am to 11:45am   $26.00 per day
    ½ Day Respite – 12:00pm to 3:00pm   $ 26.00 per day

Pricing based on 1:1 support

    Day Respite – 8:30am to 3:30pm   $150.00 per day
    ½ Day Respite   $75.00 per day

Please note we offer after hours and weekend services.

Program Contacts

Intake: Linda Bosley (613)968-5211 ext 225
Executive Director: Mike Vajda (613) 968-5211 ext 229
Finance Officer: Linda Goldrick (613)968-5211 ext 223
Fax: (613) 968-4461

Quinte Vocational Support Services

QVSS Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the lives of adults with developmental challenges by providing a safe place, meaningful programs and positive relationships, which promote social inclusion in society.

To celebrate, support and acknowledge the empowerment of each individual to connect and complete the community as a whole.

To visualize a barrier-free, inclusive, diverse community that values and supports each individual by eliminating barriers that obstructs equal rights, possibilities, dignity and choice.

That people accomplish what they want to achieve, live how they choose to live, and are valued as full and equal members of the whole community.

More Than Fifty Years of Advocacy and Service:

The organization can trace its roots back to the 1950’s when it began as a group of dedicated parents of children with physical and developmental challenges. They believed their sons and daughters should not be alienated, but rather, needed to be a part of their community. These parents are the foundation of the creation of our program! Formerly known as ARC Industries, it was established as a non-profit corporation in 1989. In 1993, this Belleville based organization gained charitable status within Ontario and changed its name to the present Quinte Vocational Support Services. Check out Admissions on our webpage to see the services we offer for the Belleville, Trenton, Stilring, Quinte Area, or any other part of Ontario.