Mimico S.N.A.P.

20 Windsor Street, Etobicoke, ON, Canada
20 Windsor Street Toronto Ontario M8Y 0A6 CA

“Mimico S.N.A.P. (Special Needs Adult Program)” is a NEW fully supervised day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are located in Mimico Toronto, right next to the Mimico GO station. We run year round, Monday to Friday, 8:45 am to 4:15 pm. We are closed on statutory holidays, and for two weeks over Christmas as well as one week over the March Break. Our fee per day is $80.00, for individuals who can safely attend the program in a 1:4 staff to participant ratio. Individuals may register anywhere from 1 to 5 days a week, and will pay their fees at the beginning of each month, for the month as a whole. In order to program-plan appropriately, participants must remain consistent with the day(s) of the week that they attend for the entire month. A trial period of time is used to determine each individuals’ needs. Fees are subject to change (increase or decrease), depending on care needs. If a participant requires more care than what can be safely provided in our 1:4 ratio, the cost for extra support can be negotiated. There will be no refunds for days missed. Families should be aware that there may be extra costs for special activities, fitness passes, or transportation. Food and any necessary toiletries must be provided by the family.

Our Mission Statement: To foster independence and to promote and support an environment that facilitates the integration of adults with different abilities into their community in meaningful ways.

The Goals of S.N.A.P.:

  • To facilitate the building of safe and strong networks in each participant’s community
  • To obtain work and volunteer placements
  • To plan and host fundraising events
  • To partake in community projects
  • To develop valuable life skills that promote independence (life skills inside and outside the home)
  • To participate in recreational activities to optimize personal health and fitness
  • To foster creativity


Weekly Activities:

Fitness Activities and Swimming: Pool and Athletic facilities at Gus Ryder Pool and Health Club will be used. Other fitness activities will be incorporated such as yoga, Zumba, active outdoor games, various community centre fitness classes/groups, and hiking for example.

Volunteer Placements: There are a number of options for volunteer placements, and the placements will depend on the participants and their group dynamic, as we attend the placements in small groups. Currently we are volunteering at St. John’s Thrift Store and a City of Toronto Long Term Care Home. Past volunteering has included work for other seniors homes and missions, Ninth Life Cat Rescue, and a dog walking company.

Community Projects: Whenever possible we will partake in projects that benefit our community such as community clean-up or beautifying efforts, or help running events in the community.

Artistic Expression Period: A number of different art projects will fill this time. Completed projects can be sold, with a portion of the proceeds going to the artist and a portion going back into the program.

Fundraising and Event Planning: Events will be planned by the program participants themselves, with proceeds going back into their own program. Events may include social nights, dances, or sporting activities with members of the community and the participants’ networks invited.

Charity Event Planning: Events will be planned by the program participants themselves, with proceeds going to a charity of their choice. Events may include bake sales, banquets, street parties, dances, or barbeques

Groceries and Errands: For the purpose of developing and practicing important life-skills such as grocery shopping, shopping, banking, or eating out for example. One day a week we will plan a meal as a group, purchase the necessary ingredients and make lunch together.

Transportation: Public transit will be used to get to and from most activities done outside the program headquarters. This is a valuable life-skill that we like to practice as much as possible.

Fun Outings: Once a month one full day will be reserved for an outing (for example: the ROM, the AGO, a water-park or amusement park, the Science Centre, a movie, bowling, a show at the theatre, a concert, etc).


This program is suitable for you if…

  • you are comfortable in a support situation in which one staff member is responsible for assisting three other participants as well as yourself
  • you want to go out into the community and be involved in group projects
  • you can work well in a group
  • you want to develop job skills
  • you want to volunteer and make a difference in your community
  • you want to make friends
  • you live in the Mimico area
  • you are independently mobile
  • you are somewhat independent in self-care tasks such as using the toilet and eating
  • you do not pose a physical threat to other participants


We are now accepting up to 7 new clients! Please contact the program Director, Denise Marler, to book a meet & greet if you think our program may be a fit for you!


Denise Marler: 905-580-7937


We look forward to meeting you!

See flyer for more details