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Flip Flop Over the Top Sequence

Many children need support when learning new skills. Breaking a skill down into smaller steps can help a child learn one step at a time. The number of steps a skill or task is broken into depends on the needs of your child.

You may want to provide your child with a visual sequence. This is basically a series of pictures showing the steps that are necessary to complete a task. You can use real photos, line drawings, or picture symbols. When using a visual sequence, post it at your child’s eye level, point to the picture, and read the step out loud before completing the action.

This is a fun way for children to learn how to put their coats on. Just follow the steps below. If your child is unable to bend down or sit on the floor, you may want to put the coat on a low table before working on this sequence.

  1. Place the coat on the floor or table with the hood and sleeves flat. If the coat doesn’t have a hood, make sure the label is clearly visible. You can put a colourful sticker on the label if it is small or difficult to see.
  2. Child stands behind the coat’s hood or label.
  3. Child places his arms in the sleeves of the coat. You may have to help him by keeping the sleeves straight.
  4. Flip! Child puts his arms straight out.
  5. Flop! Child lifts his arms up over his head.
  6. Over the Top! Child brings his arms back down and the coat is on! You may have to help him pull the coat down.

The first step is the key to getting the coat on properly. When your child is comfortable with the Flip Flop Over the Top steps, you can show him how to position the coat on his own.

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