Translated Tip sheets

Steps Towards Toileting Independence

Brushing Teeth Sequence

Flip Flop Over The Top

Bedtime Routines

Mealtime Routines

Putting Pants On Sequence

Snack Time Sequence

Mealtime Accomodations

Understanding How and Why Your Child Communicates

Toilet Training Sequence

Tying Shoelaces Sequence

Washing My Hands Sequence

Winter Dressing Sequence

Communication Posters

Using Visual Sequences to Teach Self-Care Skills

Communicative Functions and Means Checklist (Tip sheet and Form)

Everyday Opportunities to Practice Turn Taking

Picture Exchange Communication System

The Diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Preschool Programming Resource Manual

Some Specific Activities for Communication Development

Alternative Communication Methods

Communication Development

Completion Toys

Developing Attention Span

Easing The Transition to School: What the Family can do


General Programming Strategies for a Child with PDD

Making Choices

Mid Ear Infections in the Preschooler

Positive Guidance

Receptive/Expressive Language

Social Communication

General Programming Strategies, Structuring


Toilet Training

Transitioning Your Child to School

What to do if You Can’t Understand Your Child

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